Training Schedule

Schedule 2020-11

Pool Rules & Regulations
During Covid-19 Outbreak

  1. All persons on deck are to wear face coverings while at the facility.
  2. All persons are required to maintain 6 feet of distance in and out of the water at all times.
  3. Physical distancing markers will be present on deck to demonstrate appropriate distance for guests and staff.
  4. All members shall enter through the black double gates by California Street. This is a one-way entrance.
  5. All members shall exit through the blue double doors in the activity pool by Rosemary Lane. The is a one-way exit.
  6. Chairs will be limited to certain programs.
  7. Guests must leave the facility immediately after conclusion of workout. There shall be no congregating in or outside of the facility.
  8. Drinking fountains will remain available only to refill water bottles.
  9. Swim lanes will be set up under the following guidelines:
    1.  3 to 4 swimmers a lane
    2. 1 at each end of the lane
    3. 1 at each 15 yard marker. Swimmer MUST tread water and NOT hang on lane lines.
    4. Upon entry, up to 2 at each end maintaining 6 feet of distance.
  10. Sharing of equipment is highly discouraged.
  11. VAF Kickboards & Pull Buoys will be available for Parks and Recreation instructional programming only.
  12. Come prepared to swim. Locker Room access may be limited.
  13. Locker Rooms will be unavailable for congregating, grooming, and post workout showering.
    1. All swimmers may shower and use the restroom facilities before entering the pool.
    2. Hand washing and use of toilets and urinals will be available.
    3. Breaks between swim lessons, Lap swimming, and user groups have been implemented in order to clean and disinfect areas in the facility.
  14.  Signage will be posted on deck to denote specific spaces, rules, and policies.

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