Robert Daltorio


Robert W. Daltorio 

Performance Coach 

Robert W. Daltorio began swimming competitively at 5 years of age. He studied basic dry land exercise for swimming under his age group coach and more advanced weight-lifting applications under his high school coach. Robert attended California State University, Los Angeles, which did not have a swim team, so he trained on his own. During one of Robert’s solo training sessions, an administrator in the university’s Department of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science took interest in Robert’s activities and hired him as a student assistant in 2013. As Robert pursued a master’s degree in Public Administration, he studied exercise science on the side with his coworkers in the kinesiology program. Upon graduating in 2016, the Department of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science offered Robert a job as a Fitness Instructor.

Today, Robert continues to work at California State University, Los Angeles, teaching classes including: learn-to-swim classes; intermediate and advanced swimming; physical conditioning; and weight-lifting. In his free time, Robert trains and competes in masters swimming; he also looks forward to applying his education in Public Administration to the nonprofit organization Golden Road Aquatics.