Mike “Lucky” Lucero


Mike “Lucky” Lucero

President and Head Coach

Mike is a Southern California native, where he began competitive swimming at the age of 15. A natural at swimming, he instantly became a high school All-American in swimming, setting high school records and competing in the CIF Finals. He accepted a swimming scholarship to California State University of Los Angeles and California State University of Northridge, where he studied Sports Medicine, competed on Division 1 and 2 level and swam at NCAA’s. A few of Mike’s biggest accomplishments are breaking high school and college records, swimming at Nationals and holding records that currently stand going back to 1988. Mike also coaches swimming for his USA National Team, Golden Rebels (REBS), Burbank High School (BHS), Disney Triathlon Team (DTT) and Pasadena Tri Club (PTC). Mike is the owner and founder of Golden Road Aquatics, established in March 2015. In May 2016, he formed his own USA National Team, Golden Rebels. Mike is very active and well-known in the swimming community. His passion for the sport has and will always influence those around him with his positive attitude and his ability to motivate others.


Email: mike@goldenroadaquatics.org