Jennifer Jaben

 Jen Jaben

Jennifer Jaben, C.N.C, MTA

Clinical Nutritionist, Weight-Loss Coach & Fitness specialist

Jennifer Jaben is our Certified Nutrition Consultant. Her background is in Functional Medical Nutrition and Metabolic Typing. She studied Nutrition and Nursing at New York University and completed her undergraduate work in Integrative Biology and Psychology at UC Berkeley.

Jen works with individuals to achieve optimal health; weight loss, ideal body composition and biochemical balance through targeted practical treatment and increasing overall vitality. With a certification in physical fitness and weight loss coaching, Jen also incorporates tailored workout plans to compliment nutrition protocols for our members. She is also the Nutrition Consultant to numerous medical doctors and health care practitioners in the Los Angeles area and is the Vice President of Product Development and Nutrition Consultant for The Daily Shake, the “Anti-Smoothie” store in Los Angeles.

Jen honors that everyone is unique, and therefore requires personal evaluation and attention to biochemical differences, behavioral tendencies and particular lifestyle when advising individuals on how to obtain practical, automated systems of health maintenance. Her practice uses nutrition is an integral part of achieving ideal health, preventing illness, and as the key to optimizing all fitness plans and exercise efforts.

She is a self-proclaimed foodie, and believes nutrition maintenance and eating should be enjoyable, above all else.

Jen’s previous experience includes: consulting and monitoring all clients at L.I.F.E. live-in weight-loss camp, establishing and directing the nutrition program at The Hall Center for Rejuvenation and Vitality, establishing and running the Early Head Start Pregnant Mother’s Wellness and Nutrition Program, implementing Nutrition education programs in teen residential treatment facilities, guest lecturing at Harvard-Westlake and Brentwood School, UCLA Cardiac Rehab, The Hills Rehab Center, and staff nutrition consultant for nutritional supplement companies.

If you have questions or would like to sign up for a consult today, please contact Jen Jaben at or call 310.770.2442.